International and Domestic Freight Services
88 SEC offers wide range of forwarding services that fits the needs of the clients, which includes both air and sea movements. 88 SEC also provides a track and trace service, wherein your cargo’s status and whereabouts are always checked to provide you an updated information on your cargo.

List of Freight Forwarding Services
• International Sea Freight Forwarding
• International Air Freight Forwarding
• Domestic/Inland Freight Forwarding (Air and Sea throughout the Philippines)
• Door-to-Door(DDP) arrangements of articles of commercial quantities

     Consolidation and Devanning Services
88 SEC offers safe, efficient, and convenient handling of LCL cargoes coming in and going out of the Philippines through its consolidation and devanning system whether by sea or air, as well as enhanced acceptance and distribution worldwide.

List of Services
• Air Consolidation
• Air Cargo breakbulking
• Seafreight LCL Consolidation
• Seafreight LCL Devanning
• Reliable Off-Dock CY-CFS for storage of LCL Cargoes
• Packing and Crating/Fumigation

     Customs Brokerage
88 SEC offers it expertise on the complete Customs Clearance process,
covering up to delivery of your cargo to your premises or up to shipping
out to your purchaser abroad. With an approachable licensed customs
broker and staff, and an illustrious track record in the customs clearance
industry, we can assure you of a hassle-free processing and releasing
service at the customhouse at all ports of entry in the Philippines.

List of services:
• Accreditation as importer with BOC
• Accreditation as exporter with Philexport
Customs Clearance Services
• Formal consumption
• Formal warehousing
• Local Transhipment (PEZA, Subic, Clark, Bataan)
• Foreign Transhipment
• Government Importations
• Informal Entries
• Export Declaration

     PEZA and Freeport Logistics
88 SEC introduced its innovative, efficient, and a reliable complete logistics solution that caters to the needs of every client situated within the limits of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Subic, Clark and Bataan.

List of Services
• Coordination with Foreign agents (re: Acceptance, Packing/Crating, Transportation)
• Efficient and reliable Customs Clearance process from port of discharge to retrospective PEZA Economic Zone
• ECOZONE Logistics/Movement with the Zone (Farm-In, Farm-out, Bring-In, Bring-Out)
• Complete Logistics Solution for Exports of PEZA-Registered entities
• Complete Logistics Solution for entities located at Subic, Clark, and Bataan (Import and Export)
• Complete Assistance to investors seeking to be registered at PEZA or Freeport

     Trucking and Delivery
88 SEC offers its comprehensive yet affordable nationwide delivery, hauling and trucking services. Whether small or relatively huge, We can accommodate it!

List of Services
• Inland Trucking Services (From Manila to any point in the Philippines)
• Roll-on Roll-off Trucking Services

     Project Cargo Logistics
88 SEC provides efficient services to accommodate your BIG CARGOES. Our expertise in the past years brought us new concepts, as well as gaining actual experiences which enhance our reputation in the field of complete logistics solutions, one of which is handling Project Cargo.

List of Services
• Acceptance and Handling
• Trade and Payment Terms
• Transportation
• Delivery
• Unloading
• Assistance to execution of contracts

     Personal and Household Effects
88 SEC introduced its comprehensive and dynamic services concerning personal and household effects of our OFWs being known that they were considered nations future development partners. Hence, their fruits of hardwork must be handled with the utmost care and provided a human foresight against pilferages and losses.

List of Services
• Door-to-Door services of personal and household effects
• Single Consignee (Air/Sea)
• Multiple/Consolidated (Air/Sea)
• Tourists and Foreign Immigrants
• Diplomatic Entities

     Trade Consultancy
88 SEC provides an effective, efficient import and export solutions to both its local and international clients. One-on-one guidance and support is provided to ensure that clients get the information they need to deal with the complex issues of the industry. 88 SEC is equipped with trusted professionals that have real-world experience in dealing with important import and export decisions.

     Organic and Livestock Logistics

88 SEC proudly introduces its one of a kind service that no one has dared to perform, the Organic Livestock and Exhibit Logistics. Livestock which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and live animals, should at all times be be handled with utmost precaution, otherwise inappropriate delivery will result to deterioration of these sensitive products. 88 SEC provides complete logistics solutions for accommodating livestock to be delivered to our doorsteps fresh, as it was picked from its source and assist our prospect to promote healthy living though organic process.

List of Services:
• Packaging and Handling • Movement and Transportation • Customs Clearance • Efficient Delivery and Unloading • Expert Assistance to prospect livestock entrepreneurs • Comprehensive assistance and consultancy on Government Regulations concerning livestocks.

     Exhibit Logistics

Exhibitions may be one of the much awaited events of Filipinos which deals with presenting to them their particular hobbies, pastime or any other materials that boost their enthusiasm and extra-curricular activities. In this connection the Government granted free from taxes and duties, those to be exhibited to the public.
88 SEC offers complete, convenient, and comprehensive logistics solutions that cater the event planners on their pursuit of conducting such exhibitions or expositions.

List of Services:
• Packaging and Handling
• Movement and Transportation
• Customs Clearance
• Efficient Delivery and Unloading
• Assistance to technicalities on Exhibits and Expositions
• Linkage to Government for prospect contracts on exhibitions

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